adj. Chemically incovienenced while drinking Red Knot wine. You are Zorked when u sip the dark magenta colour off of Satan's lips and find an inexplicable desire to get knotty. Being Zorked is to have a state of being that one can only hope to constantly attain. It is totally recyclable.
I was chilling with this hot little librarian and somewhere between books we got totally zorked and made out on the couch. I want to zork her all the time now. This shit is crunk.
by d3adr0ck August 22, 2006
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The zork zucchini occurs when you defecate on to a hard outdoor surface and then wait 7-10 days until petrification, then take the petrified log and spray paint it green, then replace your favorite dildo with the zucchini-like log. Finally, when ripeness is at its peak, pass the zork zucchini on to a close friend by placing in the crisper drawer of their refrigerator. Can be garnished with your favorite dressing and served chilled.
I wanted to a make a salad the other day, but all I had around the house was a zork zucchini.
by jeardon69 July 11, 2008
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if one is to be zorked, he is getting destroyed inside or outside a game
by June 8, 2017
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Alternative spellings: Zorc, Z-Ork

A soldier of the Russian Federation, particularly one of those who have invaded Ukraine in vehicles marked with the letter Z
The Zorks have committed another war crime
The Ukrainians shelled a Zork convoy and turned them into good Russians
by Chiron27 April 15, 2022
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Zork, an insult, see also, cunt, cock, and assface.
You fhockin ZORK
by CoverFireStyx March 8, 2017
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A massive pus- filled zit. A blemish so large it cannot be disguised by any amount of makeup. This hideous eyesore has a heartbeat of its own. Those with a zork have been known to avoid public places for days.
I am mortified by this gigantic zork on my face.
by Kismet13 November 12, 2017
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Created by the 3 guys behind the Mostly Walking show, Sean Plott, Bill Graner and Sean Bouchard whilst/after playing an adventure game called Return to Zork.

The game, as some other games from that era, is infamous for one thing, it's easy to become unable to further progress in the game, due to your actions, without realizing it much later/at all.

Example: On the first screen, you have to obtain a plant. There are many ways to do so, but only one is the right one, and any other choice will lead you to a fail state, therefore being unable to complete the game, WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT, until you get to the part where you need to use the plant.

Other example: further in the game, you have to cross the river, by summoning the ferryman. And he won't let you ride for free, of course. You need a special coin. The thing is, you just have to SHOW it to the ferryman and he will still take you to the other side, instead of giving it to him. If you give it to him, you are still able to explore the other side of the river, but by the time you want to cross the river and return to the first area, only then will you realize your mistake. You no longer have the coin, so he won't take you back.

Therefore, adopted from the game's name "Return to Zork", comes the term (being) "zorked". It basically means "screwed".
I spent all my money on this new game and now I'm broke, I might have zorked myself.

A: The date was smooth, but I felt weird towards the end.
B: In my book, she totally zorked on you.
by SoullessSDB January 19, 2018
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