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A term describing dreadlocks that are made naturally, without the help of a salon. Knotty dreads are generally kinky in appearance and worn by rastafarians.

Bob Marley's song "Natty Dread" was originally entitled "Knotty Dread": Jamaican pronunciation, however, gives "Knotty" a sound that is almost identical to "natty", precisely the opposite of what the word actually means.
by DreadedInBabylon May 11, 2006
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A term used by people from Wakefield West Yorkshire to describe someone who does something so stupid that the only the word knotty can be used.

Knotty or knott describes what there head is doing. ie: fucked in head
Guy 1: hey chris is going out with fat bird with a kid
Guy 2: whats that knotty doing
by SexyLad April 06, 2013
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A person who is obsessed with knots and can be extremely naughty.

A sidekick to the Hippie Bandit.

A wonderful, helpful person whom people love very dearly.

Someone who has a sense of great fun.
Oh, she's so knotty. Her wall has celtic knots all over them and her jokes are baaaaaad :D
by the Hippie Bandit March 02, 2011
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