1) One who has the face of an ass
2) One who has an ass for a face
3) One who has the appearance of two protruding buttcheeks just below one's forehead
Look at that assface
by Dirty Sanchez April 19, 2003
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cant cancel this one! someone has ex husband assfaces
by haha bitch June 9, 2016
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noun - a person whose behavior is so completely and utterly atrocious that the only explanation is that the person has an ass for a face and as such must live up (or down as it were) to the face.
Those insane extremists who blame disastrous, natural phenomena on God punishing, the gay community, the historical slave owners, and the all encompassing "sinners". Those people? Assfaces.
by Soobee September 6, 2005
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a term used to insult an individual who's facial features are equivalent in attractiveness to an ass.
"Man Jamie, you are such an assface."

"That guy is such an assface."
by jackcansingcsharp April 29, 2009
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1. A person or personsthat always looks for the easy way out 2. A person or persons that always try to mooch off people 3. Cheap or frugal 4. Old and decrepit
Steve is an assface because he tried to scam me out of a free lunch
by TheKingOfHeat June 2, 2010
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An insult reserved by the carton character "Crabby Cakes" on the show Clone High USA
"You've got crabs, ASSFACE!!!"
by Tion the One April 23, 2003
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A holy fool. One quite careless, who mocks the proud: through wit, prankery, or subtle action.
"Hey, Bobbert, check out the assface in the store window posing like a mannequin..."
by Hill Y. December 13, 2003
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