7 definitions by d3adr0ck

Telephone Chat Line that can be accessed by the general public. Seldomly the callers aren't fat or nasty.
Hey, lets call the partyline and find some skanks to whack off too
by d3adr0ck March 25, 2003
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a little girl who calls the partyline and lies her age, and what she looks like to get some phone sex
i talked to this piglet on the mamaraven the other day, and got some heazzy fooooooo shezzy phone sex up in this piece.
by d3adr0ck March 25, 2003
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a brief gesture one expresses when on coricidin. the moment of truth at the height of your trip, when u are just about to die.
oh my god! i see the light! trip. die. argle bargle.
by d3adr0ck October 08, 2003
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god's food. often referred to as skittles, dex, red devils, dxm, and robo dots. often found at both eckerd and rite aid in the cough and cold section.
i ate so much coricidin at the mall. i had a seizure and then puked on my shoe.
by d3adr0ck October 08, 2003
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the small red marks on your hands that occur after one eats a handfull of coricidin. coricidin burn is caused by the sweat of the skin rubbing against the red coating on the outside of the tablet.
man i gotta whole lotta coricidin burn on my dick from jacking off while eating pills.
by d3adr0ck October 08, 2003
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wang cutter. one who uses an old stone to perform a circumcision at a jewish keg party. beware the mohel.
that rabbi bounced a check for $25, and we had to send the mohel to collect.
by d3adr0ck April 26, 2005
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adj. Chemically incovienenced while drinking Red Knot wine. You are Zorked when u sip the dark magenta colour off of Satan's lips and find an inexplicable desire to get knotty. Being Zorked is to have a state of being that one can only hope to constantly attain. It is totally recyclable.
I was chilling with this hot little librarian and somewhere between books we got totally zorked and made out on the couch. I want to zork her all the time now. This shit is crunk.
by d3adr0ck August 22, 2006
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