This term is usually used when someone is sad, mistaken, angry, or shocked in a bad way.
Person #1: I got a F on the math test...
Person #2: rip you
by Bit-Na Park December 7, 2016
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- To Rip someone, To Beat, To dominate an opponent or foe.

- When one has ripped you, one has defeated you.

- To overcome an opponent.
" Did you see that!? Matt got RIPPED! Now remember, who ripped you? "
by Bryan722 July 27, 2006
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it's like tear you a new one, that is to kick someone's ass and threaten to rip/tear him a new asshole
If you don't stop harassing me i'll rip you a new one!
by Beggi April 23, 2007
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A very odd expression for the act of telling someone off.
Say that to my face and I'll rip you a new asshole.
by Wizlet April 4, 2014
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Another word for "have fun with you"
If a girl says it to a guy, means when the girl goes crazy over the guy, "messing" about with him ;)
Girl - Hey boy, would you let me rip you out?
Boy - OooOoo Go ahead girll
by Vamp- October 29, 2008
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the promise of having rough intercourse with a sexy lady in order to spread your seed

see also: pop you open like a clam
"Hey Susan, come here so I rip you open like a phone book and we can start a family."
by Tom Jones 2 July 24, 2005
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A phrase used to describe how well someone or some group did in an act. Usually used to describe an extraordinary preformance in the act.
A group preforms a show of flashy dance moves.

Judge: Wow, you ripped it out there, great job with your preformance!
by Rei{Zero} July 19, 2008
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