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One of the greatest text-based adventure series of all time. Infocom's most successful brainchild with incarnations still being made even today.
>You are standing in an open field west of a white house.
by Matt October 11, 2003
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You are doing electrical work and you didn't turn of the current for the 220 volt supply. You absentmindedly touch the screwdriver to two hot poles at once. A flash, a puff of smoke, and you realize that the tip of the steel screwdriver melted and is now unusable. You "zorked" your screwdriver. Zork is the sound it made, a low hum and crackle.
I thought I turned it off at the panel, I zorked my screwdriver good, I'm happy I didn't get zorked myself!
by Joe Sar September 19, 2016
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An extremely good-looking guy. Funny. Hilarious, even. Can be found at your local Mexican restaurant sipping strawberry margaritas with a giggling blonde girl.
Dude, check out that zork with that barbie!
by barbiegirlinabarbieworld June 8, 2009
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To zork someone means to hook them up. To give a green glow. This verb may imply the transmission of magic states, the opening of a portal to a choose-your-own-adventure reality, and/or the bestowal of psychoactive substances by a generous benefactor.
Chick's been hounding me forever so I finally had to zork her to shut her up.
by imaginary voice April 26, 2011
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OHHHHH Lard afi ave mercy pon ee sole, man straight zork fi so!!!
by Z February 26, 2004
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