a person afraid to act or not up to the task because of fear.
by jglass July 18, 2003
He wouldn't go talk to the girl, what a wus.
by Kristi August 16, 2004
"Robbo pulled out of the tackle with the new prop"
"Wat a wus"
by keith mitchelson September 19, 2003
See was.
"We wus au-up-in-ere, dog. Shee-it."
by Zor Prime December 1, 2003
Excessively new-agey, interested in astrology, non-scientific. Religious or mystically inclined. Sometimes abbreviated simply as "wu."
"Oh my god, Tarot cards are totally wu wu!" -- Lieva, physics major.
by queermonkey July 1, 2007
Wu Wu goes far beyond the non-scientific. It is the spiritual nature of life itself in all ways. Wu Wu is the very nature of love and light itself in peaceful, inspiring ways and practices.
The depth of their Wu Wu was so delightfully heavenly because it rings true as a flowing messages from the Divine.
by Wild Tommy July 28, 2022
Where you at? - where u at - wu@
Sup mayne.

Wu@ brah.
by lexamillion December 27, 2011