An oceanic fish, related to sharks, that has been wrongly maligned since the untimely death of Steve Irwin.
1) It was ONE stingray that killed Steve, so don't go blaming the whole family; 2) it didn't maliciously kill him, it just reacted instinctively to a perceived threat; and 3) if you know the first thing about Steve Irwin, it should be perfectly clear that he would NEVER want us to bear ill will against any animal.
by Erin Catherine May 01, 2008
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The act of pinching (or biting) a man's scrotum during intercourse.
Don't go near Erin--she's liable to give you a stingray.
by Bird Dog and T January 19, 2008
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What killed Steve Irwin. Sadly people have done what I worried most. Taking your anger out on the stingrays will get u NOWHERE. The hipocrits on this site saying the fish is a "cunt", "bitch", and "fucker" are ignorant lowlife peices of shits. We are all sad about the loss of one of the greatest people the world has ever seen. I'm sure Steve is rolling in his grave because of the things people are saying and doing to these innocent fish. This isn't steve-like at all. Yall should be ashamed.
You can't love Steve Irwin and hate stingrays at the same time.
by Jeffrop6691 February 08, 2007
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During sex, you hit the back of the girl's head, flip her over, stab her eyes with a knife, ejaculate on her face, then fuck her dead body.
You probably won't see too much of Sara anymore because I was fucking her last night and I ended up giving her a stingray.
by Patch April 27, 2004
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A '63-'67 Chevrolet Corvette. Also known as a "midyear." The midyear 'Vettes were based on the Mako Shark dream car (released in '61), which shared many of its lines with Bill Mitchell's Stingray race car. The '67 Vettes, especially the ones with 427 mills and "stinger" hoods, are considered by many to be the finest combination of looks and performance ever produced by Detroit.
by SeligsOnDope May 07, 2003
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1.A fuckin' widowmaker. 2. A dangerous or otherwise ill advised feat.
Don't arm wrestle the garbage disposal, it's a godamn stingray.
by Samuel C. Adams September 06, 2006
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