Fragment often used by girls to thwart further activity; please stop; that ain't right, don't do that, because I don't like it.

Can be found as: Can you not?!, Can you not..., Can you.. not?
Jon is poking Jane.

Jane says, "Can you not..."
by 881 December 26, 2005
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can you not translates in to " i would prefere if u could refrain from your current activity as it bothers me"
friend one (singing out of tune) la la la la la
friend two can you not i have a headache
by kinsy mckins August 22, 2006
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A phrase said quickly so it sounds like one word; usually in a high pitched "queefy" voice. Only used by the biggest fartknockers around.
bitches "can you not!?"

ballers "shuddup pussyfart"
by Broadsnatcher68 January 15, 2014
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when dania is getting pissed off at Jerry & Arkmydeez, she's sincerely says "Can you not" with a pakistani accent! Its funny, because it just makes us want to piss her off more.


Ark: Guys i'm going to go study
Dania: Let's go smoke some weed and get drunk
Jerry: You guys are crack heads, i'm going to doudoun's
Ark: No i really have to study
Dania: Oh common you never want to drink, you only want to smoke up and you never study
Jerry: Buuurrrppp
Jerry and Ark: LOL
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A phrase you use when someone is annyoing the fuck out of you and you want them to stop
*Someone singing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song*

Can you not?
by DizzyLizzy February 12, 2007
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A short phrase utilized primarily by highly intelligent and sophisticated human beings, especially those with two X chromosomes. Unlike the also popular "Can you not...", this unique phrase ends immedietely after "not" and may be phrased both as a question and as a statement. The speaker should assume that whomever he/she is conversing with is completely aware of the misdemeanor.
Matthew has just provoked Jackie and she is mildly annoyed and amused (but mostly annoyed).

Jackie & Eva (in unison): Can you not?
by Jackie Funshine February 8, 2007
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and my lost soul? Can you..?

I haven't been me since that day... My normalcy is gone. What is normal anymore?
by Time Capsule💊 December 29, 2022
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