Used to describe something you have memorized

It's a misnomer of course, but one that's used all the time
Do you know Danny's number by heart?
by contagion; June 17, 2009
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used when described a deep and intimate conversation between two individuals more often the opposite sex
"wow look at this laura me and you having a heart to heart , getting to know each other better".
by uk girl August 30, 2006
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if you know something in your heart of hearts, you are certain of it although you might not want to admit it.
I knew in my heart of hearts that something was wrong, but I just wasn't ready to deal with it. Do you believe in your heart of hearts that things will get better?
by Infinite2 July 29, 2008
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The most trustworthy form of communication is heart to heart between two people.
Jill prefers heart to heart but one on one in a safe space. She won't answer Jack in public because others might hear and matters of the heart are private.
by Freeasabird January 6, 2020
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Courge or bravery
-Yo little Nick just stole on Jimbo.
-That kid got heart
by Scouse April 29, 2003
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When you really fancy someone and whenever you're around them your heart starts beating faster. Blood flow to the heart, resulting in a heart-on (punned with the more familiar "hard-on"). Sweet!
"You give me a real heart-on girl"
by Horse26 July 22, 2008
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The action of being in like, lust, or love with someone. Related to the act or statement to heart him/her. Generally accompanied by fascination/obsession with the individual in question. Typically used when the situation is too ambiguous to establish a true definition of what the relationship is....the fact that hearting is someone also sounds like the word "hurting" is an interesting coincidence, because sometimes hearting someone can be quite painful...
Girl: "I'm not sure he likes me"
Friend: "Well, based on his actions, I would say a good bit of hearting is going on. I think he'll ask you out soon..."
by anon-y-mous August 18, 2006
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