To shut one's mouth, to keep quiet
Zip up about this deal, okay?
Dude, zip up!
by Rusty2996 February 23, 2021
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One of many terms indicating a high level of inebriation (drunkenness). The reference is usually done by referring to someone (or yourself) as being "all zipped up."
"Damn, I can't remember what we did last night, 'cuz I was all zipped up!"
by Frank Klaune March 16, 2004
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sweatshirt with a zipper in the hood. when zipped all the way up, it keeps smoke in when taking a hit inside the jacket.
blah "zip up hood" blah bluh
by j0jwjejwj0w March 4, 2008
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Covering up a fart or covering after you cut the cheese.
John was in an elevator so he had to zip up the cheese
by Ionyskye October 17, 2009
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Man up! When a man is acting like he has a vagina and he needs to hide it, until he gets his balls ya gotta zip it up.
Guy1 - Hey man I'm kinda scared to go talk to her
Guy2 - Dude, Zip It Up, and fuckin talk to her!

Guy1 - Those waves look kinda big.
Guy2 - Stop being such a pussy, Zip It Up and lets go!
Guy1 - I might just sit on the outside.
Guy2 - You'r a fuckin nifkin!
by chardee mcdennis October 29, 2011
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(verb) to violently or non-violently silence a person after being disrespected.
1.) He took a swing at me so I had to zip 'em up.

2.) He was talking too much so I zipped him up.
by Pat from Hell's Kitchen December 15, 2011
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The act of meat riding so much that you have to tell them to zip you up
Dan-You rocking that helly Hansen jacket

Me: zip me up
by Brothercal February 7, 2017
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