E-mailing while inebriated.
I downed a half pint of scotch and spent the rest of the night derailing old girlfriends.
by Folook November 27, 2007
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A band from stockport/manchester
Arthur - lead guitar/lead vocals
Luca - rythm guitar/vocals
Will - drums
Sam - bass
IG @derailerofficial
Derailer are a great band
by will galliway January 26, 2018
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The act of making any discussions gone off-topic

The extreme form of derailing is trolling, and because of the trolls, any discussions gone into flame wars/insult wars
Please don't derail the discussion, it's rude
by Sir. B June 30, 2021
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A: "I hung out with that cute blonde last night."
B: "Did you derail?"
A: "Hell yea. I derailed. So good."
by DryLee November 6, 2006
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When you fuck someone really hard.
You fuck someone so hard it's like a train getting derailed off the tracks.
"Greg derailed that bitch"
"I thought he had mono!"

"I'd derail her."
by Turbulence n' Jeff November 13, 2007
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Derail; a verb. Used to indicate the exact point of derailment, AKA EPDI (Exact Point of Derailment Indication) A topic is derailed when someone clearly goes off-topic with posts which are obviously not associated with the original topic subject, or goes about anally raping the topic tavles by posting huge-ass pictures.
Let's derail that fucking topic!

That topic is bound to derail.
by MeMB January 4, 2005
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one who gets plowed like a piece of land; one who gets laid the fuck out, one who gets bombed by sharif
Holy shit dunne just got derailed and broke his wrist.

WOW, Pauly Tess just got derailed.

HOTDIGGITYDOG, Stup just got lined up and defuckinrailed.

Wilferd Brimley here, If you or someone you know has dyabeetus and got derailed call Liberty Medical now.

by Wilferd April 23, 2010
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