I lost £50,000 of fish because it sat in the back of my lorry rotting away, thanks to all this new sovereignty
by PanGalactic January 18, 2021
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Should mean "Independence and self-government" not just "government" because that meaning is already taken.
Ron: We will transfer sovereignty to the Iraqi people.

Luke: Wouldn't it be better to say we will facilitate sovereignty for the Iraqi people?
by AbnormalBoy May 25, 2004
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doctrine asserting the right of the people living in a newly organized territory to decide by vote of their territorial legislature whether or not slavery would be permitted there
States used popular sovereignty to determine whether slavery was permitted or not.
by Laurie catterson June 6, 2017
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An autonomous state of arousal governed by no particular woman or bearing of friction.

one that is sovereign in their sexuality; especially : an autonomous state of arousal free from relationships and the vice of significant other.
Darryl was free now, he was amongst his kind. His boner was free to run and splurge the fruits of the town for as soon as his relationship ended; he was in a state of Boner Sovereignty.
by DJSEAND July 14, 2009
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Maintaining ownership and direct control of your data. Preserving and defending data integrity and security by limiting access.
They lost their data sovereignty by uploading it to the cloud.
by vududady January 5, 2017
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the supreme version of alpha

it can also be used instead of the 😭emoji

it can basically be used in any sentence in any context
"omg did you see the new alpha badboy?"
"do you mean the sovereignty?"
"ya 😍"
by mr. schnauxpox December 24, 2021
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