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Anti Zionism is in no way connected to anti semitism. To be anti zionist is to be anti fascist. Zionism is based on the idea that millenia old literary myth is the basis for nationhood and that religion(which is a matter of choice) is genetically predetermined, both of which are clearly shite. Zionists believe that they can turn up in a country and kick out the indigenous population, as did Hitler
Zionists are fascist
by Fon March 30, 2005
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As Zionism is about gathering Jews in one place for the comfort of Jewish tax-collectors, anti-Zionism is about all things opposite to the state of Israel. NOTE: it has nothing to do with the anti-Jewish trends, let alone anti-Semitism, because the term "Semitic" referes to both Arabs and Jews.
- Hey, Moshe, have you been to Israel yet?
- No and won't be. See, Avi, I'm a conscientious anti-Zionist. Torah says: no Jewish state before the Messiah comes.
by Najmuddin Finkelstein March 08, 2005
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A person opposed to the establishment of Israel in modern times. Anti-Zionists usually downplay or deny the connection between modern and ancient Israel. Because Israel is an explicitly Jewish nation, anti-Zionism is considered by many to be a form of anti-Semitism.
Israelis are colonists. Judaism and the Hebrew language are not indigenous to Israel, but were invented by European Zionists.
by Aron March 06, 2005
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Belief that the formation of the state of Israel was illegal, or simply politically, morally, or tactically unwise.
Anti-Zionism is more respectable and conceptually distinct from Anti-Semitism, but is often used as a cover.
by MrNeutral January 22, 2005
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