When you kneel down behind someone, make a gun with both of your middle and index fingers, and then shove them as hard as you can up the persons ass.
I made Ari Holsten cry when I kneeled down behind him and gave him 1000 years of pain.
by Ode Kesef April 01, 2009
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A man randomly pulls down the trousers/skirt and underwear of their chosen victim and shoves his cock up their ass at full speed, forcing the victim off the ground. recreating the scene from naruto where kakashi pulls this mega move.
I pulled the 1000 years of death on Kevin, he'll never recover
by Sister Angelina May 06, 2020
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Where a male or female strips their victim and shoves their fingers up their ass at full speed causing the victim to fly 10ft in the air
“I love the 1000 years of death, it’s my favorite part of foreplay” -Chalier
by Mysterion123 November 20, 2020
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I totally pwned you at Allied General pbem tonight. It was a 1000 years win!
by bitchmasterb July 08, 2011
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