preferring apples to oranges
preferring white people to black people

by _Amazing_ January 7, 2014
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To give preference to one thing over another.
Jessie: How will you choose a dessert?
James: I'll preferentiate based on size.
by Robear128 December 12, 2009
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Someone who is against racism towards specific racial group(s) they like, but also advocates for and/or encourages racism against different particular racial group(s) they don't like. The preferential racist tries to hide behind the fact they are against racism only partially as long as it is towards racial groups they prefer, and in doing so they think they are somehow granted special privileges that make it okay for them to be racist towards racial groups they don't prefer. Additionally they will often use nonsense mental gymnastics and fallacious reasoning to blame the problems of racial group(s) they like on the racial groups they don't like as a way to disguise and legitimize their racism. They are hypocrites and ironically, racist.
Preferential Racist: We need to finally have a conversation about the racism towards racial group X. Other racial group Y is inherently bad and the root of all of their problems!
Rationalist: By have a conversation you actually mean you just want us to receive your blessed wisdom through a monologue in which your aim is to convert us to your nonsense ideology. If any of us disagree with you, you will just call us racist, accuse us of being part of the problem, and put us in a box of one of the racial groups you don't like. So you don't actually want to have a conversation. Anything that can be seen as racial progress is something that will be talked around, instead of celebrated.
by ApplesPotatoGardner August 10, 2023
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