1)An official policy (now ended) of racial segregation and white supremacy enforced by the South African government. It was used to limit the governing power and place of residence of non-white people.
2)apartness, or being set apart
I couldn't get in to the club because of the bouncers apartheid
by Kal February 11, 2004
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obviously # 2 is a racist bastard who thinks being white entitles him to whatever he wants. apartheid was really a system of government designed by the Nationalist party to keep the white minority of South Africa in power. It was an unjust system that dehumanized millions of blacks just because some Afrikaners were scared of being a minority. Apartheid was abolished in 1994 and since then South Africa has had its share of social problems but racial equality is becoming more and more prominent.
Hey you kaffir, you can't go there that's only for white Europeans.

Screw you bitch apartheid is over!
by John xa July 20, 2006
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As the high priest of suppression, Apartheides commands me to sacrifice a minority at the altar of racial inequality at the dawn of each soulstace.
by Ed K May 26, 2003
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When spoiled yuppies in south LA have to drive more than 10 minutes to get their overpriced "organic" lifestyle-defining food
You mean they aren't opening a new whole foods up the street afterall? This sh*t is food apartheid
by nubie plz July 16, 2008
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1. A state of being created when spoon-fed yuppies have to embark on a trip longer than 10 minutes to get overpriced "healthier" food and are powerless to to resist the temptation to shop at nearby fast food

2. A state of being created when executives in an evil corporation wish to force their unhealthy diets they shill upon unsuspecting citizens
When they gonna open up a place with sum organic food n sh*t? I'm sick of eatin chickren at KFC. This is food apartheid!
by Jeriquan July 21, 2008
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The view that African American churches attempt to prevent women from achieving status in the church higher than men. Also, includes the interpretation of the Bible to have women serve subservient roles in relationships with men.

Used frequently during BET's Hip Hop vs. America II part two while speaking of misogyny in our current black culture.
Due to the ecclesiastical apartheid in my mom's church she can't seem to become a pastor even though she has a theology degree.
by B Roc June 29, 2008
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