0 is both the largest and the smallest number.It represents the entire number system.It is everything and nothing.Nothing is infinite,therefor
infinite is nothing.0 is infinite.
It can help us understand things outside our own universe.............
by Eminem January 3, 2004
0 was defined by Bert , founded late 2009, nothing can over power this number it can be used in any way to annoy a person or say zero if the individual is pathetic or worthless or you can even use it as a substitute to say NO, or by saying why are you being crap to me, as in why are you treating me like crap
Kristian:dude look at that girl!
Bert: eww dude she is ZERO, wtf are you on crack? Zero to the bone

Bert: your an idiot, Matt
Matt: dude why are you being zero to me
by 0o Zero o0 June 4, 2010
the amount of balls you have
jump off the bridge andre! you wont! no balls!
yeah thats right i have no balls my guy dave took em right out of my pants. there is zero game down there k
by slimysteak March 9, 2019
the concept of zero can be explained by the abscence of a number
3-2-1... zero?
by c1t1z3n@hotmail.co.uk March 21, 2010
person 1: hey is that zero?

person 2: yea they get absolutely no bitches
by k33z7 May 4, 2022
used to describe something that earns a score of zero out of one hundred - a solid F

also used as a synonym for "false"
the powerpoint transitions in his slides are a solid zero
by Warren J. Baker June 1, 2002
an officer in the military, usually of junior rank, and not very experienced or valuable.
I walked past a group of zeroes on base today and forgot to salute.
by danw December 22, 2003