A conversation in which two or more people talk for hours, discussing everything under the sun, and yet some of the topics were so random and pointless that it seems like they talked for hours about nothing. These are usually the most interesting and entertaining conversations.
Girl 1: He called me last night.
Girl 2: What did you two talk about?
Girl 1: Oh, we talked about everything and nothing. I wouldn't know where to start.
Girl 2: Cool.
by xoxoAnna January 11, 2009
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contrary to popular belief, it is not written by archive of our own user cataclysmicevent, but actually written by japanese author shuji tsushima, otherwise known as osamu dazai! it is a soukoku fanfic following the tales of anime character dazai and his femboy boyfriend chuuya!
my favorite part of everything or nothing was chapter 11!
by you dont need to know <3 June 26, 2021
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a genre of blogs in which the content means everything to the author but nothing to most everyone else; often abbreviated as "e/n"
"Every single LiveJournal I've read is incredibly e/n."
by Micah October 8, 2004
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