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A small jump often formed by a crest in a road or path of a rally racing special-stage. The term "yump" is believed to have originated from foreign drivers' pronunciation of "jump".
The car's wheels momentarily left the road as it cleared the yump.
by DustyRhodes427 June 29, 2013
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1. Usually to strongly agree with what one is saying.
2. To affirm something.
3.Substitution for "yep", "yes",
"yeah", etc.
1. -"Damn those are some big ass tits"
-"YUMP!" (strong usage)
2. -"Check out that ass"
-"Yump" (medium)
3. -"What a bitch"
-"yump" (mild, to simply agree)
by Dirk Moneyshot September 24, 2003
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The moment in a car chase where a car hits a ramp and is launched into the air
Film director: Next, the hero's car will take a yump off the conveniently placed ramp and fly over the heads of a group of school kids crossing the road.
by flight.risk August 20, 2011
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yup but with a β€˜m’
Natalie:do you like ice cream ?

by defendergood March 04, 2019
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