A car made in Yugoslavia that failed in the US due to no one reading the manual. Exports stopped when the Yugoslavian civil war started in 1992.
:My Yugo stalled.
:Why? Didn't you change the oil at all?
:I didn't buy a $4000 car to spend all that money on oil.
by JNNC July 2, 2006
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a person of yugoslavian origin (or other eastern european countries)who sometimes immigrate into western european countries (such as germany, italy, austria or switzerland) and are often discriminated against by the natives of those countries who think that they are all criminals. This is entirely NOT TRUE and, in fact, more of the criminals come from those countries, and the eastern european immigrants are less of criminals and are quite decent people.
Blocher (the new elected leader of switzerland) has campaign posters saying that the yugos are running all of the crime in switzerland. Can you believe that, man, thats a pretty racist thing especially for a politician.
by patio boi March 20, 2004
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Nick and Norah with the drunk Caroline in the back are having problems starting Jesse, the Yugo
by xxrockerxx February 25, 2007
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Slang term for anything from the former republics of Communist Yugoslovia. used in the international arms trade, denotes arms made by Zastava-Kradjuvac, Privi Partizan, Igman and some other more phantom organizations and manufactures
My yugo M70 kit has Zastava-Kradjuva stamped on the front trunion
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It's a really shoddy car, that ranked number 1 on a top worst cars list. This is because the person testing it, had the car literally break apart.
It's called Yugo, because the car doesn't go, but you go and push the car up the hill, or wherever you're supposed to be going.
by Alexi October 20, 2003
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A car made from rejected Fiat's. It's featured in the Midas commercial and ends up in the river at the end.
I just got a brand new Yugo and it exploded before I could get it off the lot.
by Eddie Guerrero June 29, 2003
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The world's worst car. The kind of car that Disabled Dan would drive.
Q: Why do Yugo have rear window defrosters?
A: To keep your hands warm while you push them.
by Dixie Normus November 12, 2003
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