Where do you begin to describe a Norah. Sporty,funny,sexy and spontaneous, Norah is the definition of perfection. Her beauty is unmatched by any other creature. It's almost like she came from a different planet. She has this glow that surrounds her wherever she goes and lights up a room when she walks in. In ancient times, many mistook her to be the goddess aphrodite because of her striking beauty. She is a natural born leader and has a flame within her soul. Although many try to extinguish it, all they will accomplish is getting burned and making her stronger. You know a Norah from miles away by her voice. Especially during singing, you will notice that she has a raw talent. She is in touch with nature and animals. Norahs are generally known to have a temper and a very strong opinion. They are very well known for optimism and most generally have a knack for writing. When you see one, don't let her pass you by or you will regret it with every passing day. If a Norah falls for you, you know that you're lucky.
Why are you always so happy?
I dont know I guess its who I am. I am a Norah after all
by optimism123 January 25, 2017
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Norah can make you feel amazing and extremely special. She is extremely nice to those that she wants to be friends with. She can be annoying at times and often latch on to other's choices in order to seem more cool. She can be insecure but in the end if your her true friend she'll help you through anything.
Norah is so sweet.
by pepitup February 16, 2018
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The most perfect person you will ever meet. she is beautiful, smart and funny. when you first make eyes with her its like a movie she walks slow, her hair in the air, when you sit next to her in class you want to ask her out.
by #12baseball January 11, 2021
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A most wonderful being. Full of love and light, Norah can make you feel like the most special person in the entire world. Kind, caring, sensitive, loving, creative, smart, funny, easy going, addictive to be around. Can sometimes put too much on her plate, resulting in feelings of overwhelm, followed by anxiety and fear. Compassion and kind words can quell this consequence, however. Sexy and sly, the beauty of this creature is unmatched by any other woman in the world, on both the inside and out.
"That girl totally stole my heart." "Yah, everyone has a Norah in their life at one time or another."
by August Westbound February 3, 2010
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Norah is a pretty, smart, caring girl. This lady will do almost anything for you. She mast suffer from anxiety but the people she knows care about her will be the only help for this. She will be shy and quiet on the outside but in side she is great, she may be a little mean and hot headed but stay in her nice side and she will be sweeter than candy.
P1: that norah girl is really pretty!

P2: she is a norah after all
by Wonkystone May 17, 2019
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One who is quite curious, adventurous and enterprising. She can sometimes be a little restless and, perhaps, impatient. Personal freedom is quite important and she does not appreciate suffocating or oppressive situations.

Norah's tend to go to great lengths to make things happen and can be quite bold in this respect. They can be seen as strongly passionate about their desires, however they may step on other people's toes in the process.

Norah's are generally positive, optimistic and have agood sense of fair play. Although, they can get distressed by unusual adversity - which will cause them to act out of character.
Guy "Why do you wake up so happy every morning?"

Girl "It's just how I am, I can't help it - I'm a Norah."
by urprollyrite June 19, 2009
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Norah is a beautiful girl, and she is funny, sexy, and she loves sports. A blonde Norah is even better. Norah will most likely end up with a boy named Adam, or a boy named David. Norah is very positive in every situation.
" Norah is sooooo hot"
by Olivia is cool 123 November 26, 2016
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