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verb, to nip or nipping
to take part in a sexual or semi-sexual act almost always involving the mouth or lips.
(Usually only found in the northern brittish isles.)
I saw kate give peter a quick nip on the way to class.
I saw her nipping some guy and it sure wasnt her boyfriend john.
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Refering to the 10mg adderall (amphetamine salts) pill.
Yo i snorted a few blueberries before luch and i was jacked.

Guy 1: I just coped a blueberry from that kid for like 75 cents man! Guy2: What? Guy1: You know, them 10mg addys! Guy2: oh yeah, i like the orange ones too.
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To use/abuse or pleasure oneself with drugs. Usually referring to narcotics or rather hard drugs such as opiates (heroin, morphine oxycodone, methadone, demorol, ect..) or the stronger stimulants such as cocaine, methamphetime or other amphetamine like compounds. And also usually doing so in high excess/abuse.
person a:Man, that cat used to be cool but went over the edge with chemical masterbation
person b: what do you mean?
person a: he went off the deep end shootin coke.
person b: oh yeah your right, he jacked some money from me the other day.
by LeibstandarteAdh (matt b.) March 27, 2007
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Slang term for anything from the former republics of Communist Yugoslovia. used in the international arms trade, denotes arms made by Zastava-Kradjuvac, Privi Partizan, Igman and some other more phantom organizations and manufactures
My yugo M70 kit has Zastava-Kradjuva stamped on the front trunion
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