Bob's car is shoddy- it breaks down every five minutes and the one mirror he has left keeps falling off.
by Tisha January 11, 2002
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An adjective used to describe things negatively...such as a poorly manufactured car. Not to be confused with shotty.

1. "made with poor craftsmanship or with low quality materials"
2. "rundown and shabby"
3. "poorly or dishonestly executed (badly done)"

The term comes from way back in the day to describe making yarn out of scraps of clothing or low-grade wool, but is now used to refer to any number of things that are low quality, dishonest, or cheaply made.
1. "I just got my car back from the mechanic last week and that jalopy already broke down again...what a shoddy piece of crap."


2. "those mechanics did a shoddy job fixing my car."

by mockarena January 26, 2009
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Words use arises from an oddly named and still standing 18th century mill in the Town of Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, UK. Shoddy & Mungo Ltd. This mill used to be involved with 'Worsted' this is the cheapest and worst to deal with hence its name form of woollen product. The name shoddy was forever more connected with the worst of the industries business.

Locally and Nationally people also use it as a way of describing ones state when one is high from smoking biftas
"that is just shoddy workmanship"
"I am feeling a bit shoddy"
by xqizit chez May 12, 2003
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absolutly poor,terrible really bad another word for sh*t!
"did you see tim doing his shoddy dancing on the dance floor last night!"
by Taz man June 12, 2007
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Word used in order to claim ownership between disputed, desired item. Works similar to the phrase, "I call ____." Depending on what rules are being used, a standard shoddy can be trumped with a, "blitz," or preemptively countered with a, "no blitz."

Principle of shoddy is much like the concept behind shotgun
A: Who wants my last cookie?
B: OOh, me!
C: Shoddy cookie!
B: Shoddy cookie blitz!
<person B gets the cookie>

A: One of us has to go shovel the driveway.
B: Yea.
A: Shoddy no shovel, no blitz.
B: ... shit.
<person B must shovel>
by The Legendary Ironwood March 14, 2005
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Term used for avoiding unwanted responsibility in a group setting.
Chris: "We're outta beer... Who's going to the store?"
Alex&Zubin: "Shoddy not!"
Chris: "Fuck"

by ivan_the_terrible September 17, 2006
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like sketchy, but a bit more creepy and rundown.
ew that old shoddy guy is checking you out!

I wouldn't go in there... Looks pretty shoddy.
by jacobian munster August 30, 2010
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