1- The One who is ugly.

2- A member of the Teen Girl Squad, a cartoon drawn by Strong Bad.
1- That duckling is the ugly one.

2- Cheerleader! So-and-so! What's-her-face! The Ugly One!!!!
by aaronak November 5, 2004
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They ugly guy in the group who thinks he gets bare girls when he doesn't really. Then brags about it 24/7 about being called 'bae' and their whole conversation. Its one of those guys who just pisses you off and you just want to say it straight to their face but don't want to hurt any of their ugly feeling. :
Ugly: Yo, mans chatting bare gyal nowadays, mans gonna be on it and that! She called me 'bae'.

Friend: *thinking in his head* Mate, stfu about getting bare girls. You act like girls have never said BAE to you and you get all happy. Like, chill. Doesn't mean your together. Your ugly anyway, they probably going through you to get to your good looking friends so chill. Its always that one ugly friend
by Whargwarm February 20, 2016
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an expression used to describe a bad or poor situation,result,or incident.(mostly used by foos as an alternative to "oof")
SAM:I got caught up and the school is searching me

Hector:Damn! thats an ugly one foo
by EDHS May 27, 2019
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