phenomenal singer. sweetest voice for a guy. kouhai. baka~. have you heard him sing ppl happy birthday.
yugo asuma is underated and a super cool dj.
by your local traitor April 17, 2022
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Way of plaing football in "Yugoslavian Style".

Davor Suker was plaing yugo-style football
by Salmonfish August 30, 2006
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A Yu-Gi-Oh!-inspired card game with a Yugoslav Wars theme. Same premise, but instead of spiky-haired lil' fuckboys dueling monsters it is played by hulking Slavs and instead of using cards to summon monsters they beat the shit out of each other with lead pipes and rebar like real men.
Hey Vladimir, you want to play Yugo-Oh!?
No fuck off Dimitri, you have arm like bear and knock out two my teeth cyka blyat.
by R@D June 14, 2019
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Unfathomably irrelevant Google search term yielding results that are more than unexpected.
Dude! I just searched for "cheese helmet" and all i got was yugo-mayonnaise.
by Mosh Pit Matt July 1, 2010
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Miyajima Yugo is the SWEETEST and the CUTEST Boy in THIS WORLD. And he is so TALENT. He is not only singer, but songwriter and dancer too.

So please give a lots of love and support for him. He's deserve EVERYTHING.
RTH : Did you know the youngest member in orbit?

People : OFC. Miyajima yugo!

EαRTH: Yes! He is so cute and sweet.

People : Agree. But not only cute and sweets, he's are so TALENT too.

by November 24, 2021
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One of the strongest 30BG that causes wizkid fc heart-attack on Facebook. He is been known for giving Wizkid fc sleepless nights.
Yugo of 30BG has been giving wizkid fc sleepless night and frustration for years now. Or he is been Yugoed
by Ijiirbo23 September 26, 2021
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Yugoslavs are people who come from countries in Eastern Europe.

They suffer ANGER problems. When they talk, they yell. When they’re happy they’re fucking GREAT.
When they’re angry, get the fuck out their way
Yugos are crazy
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