She has beautiful legs. The right one is stamped just above the knee with a large butterfly.
by talk2me-JCH2 February 9, 2021
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to have someone like a girlfriend or boyfriend, ur property
son i got that boy stamped so back off
oh i heard hes already stamped
you cant stamp what ive alreayd stamped saeled and mailed off
by tia0918 March 21, 2007
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To be finished with or to confirm something
person one: "So were going to that concert tonight right?"
Person two: "STAMPED!!!"

"We need to stamp this idea by the end of the day."
by TJ1914 April 21, 2008
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Stamped is when you from that place and niggas no you.
fuck is you doing round here you stamped..
by YT$ĐØŃ November 2, 2020
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The process of a pimp branding his property.(aka hoe,bitch,bling)
O.J. just stamped that hoe, obtaining the right to abuse and use her.
by elratador April 18, 2008
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To be stoned and amped. To be under the influence of non-medicinal cannibus, and also twacked on methamphedamines.
"I'm bored, let's get stamped!
by The Twackler January 14, 2005
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