When you're playing a bord game and it's turn of your friend to throw the dices but he doesn't realize himself about it, and then you yell to him "you are up!"
by Julia120400 March 25, 2014
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Response to someone's inability to perform an action with competence. Usually stated in a disappointed tone.
John attempted to light his cigarette while it was in his mouth but it fell to the floor. Steve was quick to berate him with the words "You fucked up."
by Dboy123 April 14, 2008
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Said at the end of an outrageous, unbelievable story, to imply that the teller is full of corn.
Him: "I asked Kate Moss out for a date, and she said yes"!!

Her: "And then you woke up".
by Queen Sparky July 22, 2011
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An agitating way of asking someone if they're being a whiny, little bitch. Often used to cry shame someone for their excessive whining.
"I can't believe she said that! That's really fucked up and hurtful! I really think she should apologize..."

"Damn dude, You tear'n up?"
by C-Money666 January 12, 2020
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A quick response from a person being told to shut up.
POSEUR : "Yo yo yo yo you suck motherfucker!"
ME : "What?"
POSEUR : "Why do you wear army clothes anyway are you a faggot?"
ME : "Shut up!"
POSEUR : "You shut up!"
by Dave January 6, 2005
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An expression or saying that is in response to something that embodies a foolish or nonsensical statement or remark.

Rogue: Laker's decade has already passed, I'm afraid you will root for the spurs when they are playing with our boys in blue in WCF, wishing the spurs to revenge your team by beating our boys in blue who would have already beaten the Fakers in the first round.
Kobe: And then you woke up.
by AceFreshhh April 8, 2009
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A way of saying you're dreaming
This hella nasty dude said he wanted to go out with me. I said back "And then you woke up."
by adrianna June 23, 2004
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