Waif model during the 90s, one of the highest paid supermodels ever. Dated johnny depp, what's not to love? Kate fucking rules.
by Raleigh December 29, 2004
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one of the most amazing fashion icons of our time whose sense of style combined with inate creativity is inspiring to all of those in the fashion world
The look was so early Kate Moss that it turned heads before the show even started.
by Kate3664 May 10, 2005
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Slang for cocaine. A nod to the favorite hobby of the supermodel after which it is named.
"You look terrible!"
"Yeah, Kate Moss kicked my ass..."
by FuzeLine October 28, 2005
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A model who, contrary to popular belief, is hideous. Her eyes span to about each separate temple, and she makes them worse by caking tons of eye makeup on to EMPHASISE the grotesque things. People around the world find her fabulous, but they're obviously blind.
Idiot: Dude, Kate Moss is sooo hot!

Intelectual: Are you KIDDING ME?! I wouldn't fuck her if you PAYED ME.
by SMSmartMark June 22, 2007
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Covert language relating to illicit and nefarious activities, relating specifically to 'nose candy'
Person/Dealer 1: "Who's Kate Moss tonight?"
Person/Dealer 1: "Right, I'll get the mirror..."
by TearZMachine January 7, 2007
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When something bad happens and the person you want to blame is no where near what happened
Sarah falls down the stairs
Sarah: Oh man Dylan just Kate Moss'd me
Sam: But Dylan isn't here
Sarah: I know
by Tess T. Culls May 20, 2022
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British fashion icon with the best style!

Kate Rocks!!!
"kate vest" - that vest top in Topshop which sells by the million
by hellokitty January 23, 2004
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