No; typically used in a sarcastic and outrageous manner; must be said emphatically and accompanied by a fist pump.
Person #1 says, "George W. Bush is a tremendous President" to which person #2 responds, "YEAH!!!"
by Bestguys January 01, 2006
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The correct spelling for the word commonly pronounced, "yah."

It's not spelled ya.

It's not spelled yea.

It's not spelled yah.

It's spelled YEAH.
So, yeah. You finally learned to spell. Nice!
by Abudoobie January 09, 2006
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Furiously making out
Girl: My boyfriend and I well, we yeahed last night
Boy: I bet I could yeah better than him...
by timetofood March 03, 2013
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Used at the end of any request/suggestion to turn it into a demand/obligation, without sounding rude.
Could you be quiet, yeah?

Why don't we go to the movies, yeah?
by Taiki Chiba November 12, 2016
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a way to say yes. awesome. cool. a form of praise.
yeah homie!yeah boo! yeah baby!
by t'sgirl September 28, 2004
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Background: Baltimore City, Maryland

1.) the substitute for any word

2.) the word used for any thing positive

3.) to have sex

4.) weed

5.) a response to anything
1.) "Yo, im about to yeah with yeah real quick"

2.) Yo #1: "Yo!, i just found 20 dollaz in the grass!"
Yo #2: "Damn, Thats dat yeah right there"

3.) Homeboy #1: "Yo, Where u bout to go mayn?"
Homeboy #2: "That whore Kiesha said she want me to come yeah and shit."

4.) Fiend #1: "Yo u straight? You got sum Yeah?"
DopeBoy #1: "Yeah mayn, i got dinos and nicks"
by RickeyBaltimore December 26, 2005
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A word used as a filler in many conversations in real life and in online chatting.

Used to fill space during awkward silences (see example 1), boring conversations, or when you don't have anything to say because you didn't pay attention (see example 2).

Often used in conjunction with um, uh totally and definitely. (see examples)

Also used when a bad joke falls flat. (see example 3)
Example 1:

Joe: I like men.

John: um yeah...

(awkward silence)

Example 2:

Jenny: blah blah...and then we totally ditched him and went out to the mall. He deserved it right?

Adam: (snaps back into attention) uh yeah. totally.

Example 3:


Tom: ...yeah...
by La Dolce Malattia (epik high) January 12, 2011
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