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1. Rate something lower than its real/actual value , under appreciate.
2.Estimate/ rate someone lower than his/her actual potential, qualifications.
You underestimated that problem because you are not familiar with it.
Don't underestimate 'em simply because they are young.

Julian: Ask your lil bro to quit that chalenge it is very hard for him.
John: Don't underestimate my little brother his able.
by julianmosha December 26, 2016
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1.Can be used as alternative way of saying YES
2.Is just an excited word mostly used in music industry by singers or Mc's they used to say YEAH! to get peoples attention on live concerts.
Mwanaharusi: Julian will you take me to club tonight?
Julian:Yeah baby just get ready.

Akon/Konvict: Yeah! It's Akon lemme hear you say yeaaaah....!!!!!
Yeah! bringing to you 2Chainz and Rich Homie Quan on the stage right now somebody make noise!
by julianmosha December 4, 2016
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Tanzania is a beautiful and independent East African country with many physical attraction such as Mountains, lakes (Great Lakes), valleys and wildlife, it is the country where you can meet most caring people who treat foreigners as their relatives.
Tanzania is the home of the world highest free standing mountain as well as African highest mountain " Mount Kilimanjaro", also is where you can meet the tallest African tree that measure about 81.5m up to the sky.

Hey friends across the world let's visit Tanzania , #Karibuni Tanzania# Hakuna Matata
1. Tanzania is the best place to visit more and more.
2.I am proud of Tanzania.
3.East or West Tanzania is best.
by julianmosha December 4, 2016
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1.Julian is baby boy name means baby boy born from Julius family. People named Julian are always bright guys, have power to influence others, little shy, handsome and always dress updated.
2.Boys called Julian are mysterious with magnetic personality that make bitches fall in love with them

3.Julian is always a cool dude and knows how to keep own privacy making people struggle trying to understand 'em.
4.Always boys called Julian are good counselor
Percy Julian was a very bright guy who did a lot in Chemistry.
I wanna date Julian he is such a cool dude.
I am no longer dating Julian he is a playa.
by julianmosha December 4, 2016
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1.Is a kind of behavior or life style that places an individual at a greater risk of illness or injury.
2.Is a life style that increase the chances of bad outcomes
Father:Smoking weed is such a risk behavior you've to stop it my son.
Son: OK I'll stop it dad.

Sex chats with strangers is a risk behavior that put many teenager at a danger of rape .
by julianmosha December 5, 2016
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