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From Wikipedia, accessed 29 December 2007: At the beginning of most Konvict Muzik artists' songs there is the sound of the clank of a jail cell, followed by Akon uttering "Konvict".
by Home slice December 29, 2007
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The Konvict is a lyricaly skilled hip-hop emcee from the uk.

Born and raised on the streets of Clapham Junction in South London, The Konvict has taken influences and events around him and turned them into lyrical skill, with the ability to drop metaphours and subject ranges so deep, you will probably have to research what is unknown to you to fully understand the lyrical capability that this emcee poseses.

Boasting a catalouge of classic freestyles and classic unreleased hip-hop joints, at the age of only 20 the best from this artist is yet to come.

He is part of uk hip-hop groups The Product, Da Beatmasters and The Origins Of Ebonics.

The Konvict has made a considerable amount of noise on MySpace.Com boasting plays well into the thousands, and he boasts that the tracks on the website are just a sample of left over material, that he wants to push out for free to see what the fans think, and the response has been great.

Know for his versatility, he has the ability to rhyme in any form he is required to, with lyrical skill, this emcee has been compared with many well known emcees, it is fact that in the near future The Konvict will be classed as a legend.
by The Rhyme God June 20, 2006
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