The apparently foreign concept (at least in the the U.S.) that people should work hard to get the job done no matter how much they're being paid.
If people in this country had better work ethic, we wouldn't have to outsource and the illegal immigrants wouldn't be "stealing" jobs from us.
by D-Shiznit November 12, 2006
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It used to refer to hard work, and putting in a good day's effort out of pride and a desire to better yourself, your family and your community.

Work ethic is no longer necessary; the government now provides us with what we need, so we can all chilax, smoke some chronic, and sip on our 40 ouncers all day.
Damn Keith, what's with your work ethic bro - you workin' too hard dogg. Don't you know Uncle Sam gonna take care of your ass? Now chilax and collect your food stamps and workers' comp, foo!
by v-monney June 22, 2010
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An idea foreign to Americans these days which taught that you must work hard to earn what you desire. It is something Americans, sadly, do not have anymore because the government has provided entitlements without having to work for it.
People will not have a work ethic if they are not taught the concept as a child, especially nowadays when liberals in the government discourage them from doing so by providing silly entitlements.
by January 18, 2011
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A concept typically related to Australians, and the occasional New Zealander living in Australia and - on the whole - have become Australian until a lucky win in the rugby reveals their true black colours. Most notable Kiwi living in Australia and displaying 'work ethic' is Peter Bramwell.
Peter has a fantastic work ethic. Each day in his new job, Peter has things to do, places to go, people to see. He is truly the mature and dignified professional.
by Sir Gary Busey the Conqueror September 13, 2010
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Form of management practice, where all workers are driven to maximise output without any incentive except that of keeping thier jobs.

So-called because, as in Christanity, any rewards you wearn will only be recieved after you are dead.
" I'm working a ten hour shift, and the bosses ahve cut our bonus and refused to hire on replacement staff; They are now promoting the palce as having a Christian Work Ethic"
by D F Stuckey March 2, 2004
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Self-delusional banter from uneducated, obese white males; which describes all of the "things" that one is going to do, should do, and has to do. In reality, these "tasks" are either delegated to a spouse, significant other, friends or children - or not done at all. A typical venue in which this To-Do list is discussed is while sitting down, drinking beer and/or chewing tobacco.
White trash work ethic example:

Person 1: "Next week, I'ma gonna hafta moov all deze boxes out of the living room, den I gotsta haul all dat trash outa da garage, put in dat new batroom, and maw da lawn."

Person 2: "Really? You're going to do all that by yourself? Your such a go-getter! Is your wife going to wipe your ass for you again and do it? Or are you going to pawn it off on one of your friends? You're such a fat, lazy leach of a shit."
by Chowderhead34 August 3, 2011
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The action of attempting to complete a task while repeatedly getting distracted by FaceTime.
I think you have a Natalie Tan Work Ethic!
by SophomoreTan May 3, 2022
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