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combined from chilling and relaxing. slang in the hood when you're too lazy to say both words chilling and relaxing.
i'm just chilaxing with some purple cush and my forty
by good for nothing December 05, 2002
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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To be calm, can also mean that you are in a state of relaxation.
"What you doing tonight"
"Man I'm just chilaxin at the crib tonight"

"I'm about to kick his ass"
"Naw man it ain't even worth all that,just chilax"
by Brittany Ervin June 29, 2006
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A word used when advising your girlfriend to Chill the F*uck out and Relax, when she comes looking for her Chi Flat Iron you borrowed 24 hours ago.

Normally used in situations when she shows up at your front door, unannounced, bug eyed, with a strong resemblance to Linda Blair from the Exorcist!
Girlfriend- Knocks on door
You- Open door

Girlfriend- "WHERE THE F*UCK IS MY CHI? It's been almost 24 hours since you borrowed i!! Give it to me NOWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwww.......

You- "Gurl, I got your back, its right there in my bathroom hooka.. plug it up and get them nappy ass curls scrate so that head of yours can spin a tad bit faster, Damn CHI-lax!!!"
by Calistina12065 May 26, 2011
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1) A mixture of being chill and relaxing which can include listening to mellow music, watching TV, getting on facebook, taking a nap or simply laying down.
2) The much cooler way to say "take a chill pill." Similar to "calm down." Used when someone is freaking out for no good reason and causing others to feel stressed or when someone is acting like a dumbass.
"I'm going to chilax for a while before I go out tonight."

"Chilax, it's not like I wasn't going to pay you back."

"You're going to need to chilax on the drinking."
by Meghan Menard April 25, 2007
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This word is a combo word. Chilax(1) mixes the two defintions of Relax and chill.

Also can be used in forms such as Chilaxin(2), or Chilaxed(3).
(1)Man would you just chilax, your makin a big deal out of nothin.
(2)Last night Johny and I, we was straight chilaxin, we didnt do a thing.
(3)Last week while I was on vacation a just chilaxed at the house.
by MINID September 05, 2005
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