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people that come from New Zealand! Nice people, beautiful country, a country that aussies are jealous of.

Disadvantages: Being so close to australia
New Zealanders are very friendly people. I enjoyed visiting NZ very nice country!
by Katarina October 07, 2005
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Types of New Zealanders:

- Aucklanders
- Mongrel mobsters
- Islanders
- Bogans
- Deep Southerners

Aucklanders are trying to fit in with the rest of the world and assimilate with American culture by creating over-dramatised reality TV shoes and watching too many movies. In reality they are struggling to find their kiwi identity because they are so locked into their metropolitan lifestyle.

Mongrel mobsters are Maori folks who are pissed at the racial injustices of the past and lash out against the Pakeha imperialist regime through violent anarchy and civil disobedience. All mongrels are dangerous but not all are immoral. Some mobsters work a positive change in their communities by fucking up any dickheads who try to sell harmful drugs to their whanaungatanga.

Islanders are other Polynesian folks who have immigrated to Aotearoa. Islanders are usually devout Christians who love wearing their church clothes and lava lavas, sipping kava and eating pork roasts.

Bogans are rural nutcases who enjoy drinking beer, driving beat up Holdens, and listening to Metallica. They typically have long mullets, few teeth and no shoes.

Deep Southerners are usually white folks of Scottish descent who live in the cold, isolated district of Otago and speak with a thick accent, if they speak at all. Southerners are quite possibly the most hard case, tight lipped people you will ever meet and don't take shit from any pussy arse townies.
Don't sell P to New Zealanders or the mongrel mob will fuck you up.
by Seismic Refugee September 30, 2018
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A Hobbit Like Species, hobbit like in the way were warm, freindly, and can do almost anything with anything.
Godda love that number 8 wire, go kiwi ingenuity
by theJackal July 28, 2004
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A person from NZ. They eat almost only Fush & Chups and thump sheep like there's no tomorrow. They can't swim only watch because they are incapable of holding there breath or breathe trough their noses cause their all mouth breathers.
Fuckin New Zealander can't even go to the other island.
by meessiter February 21, 2015
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