To consume recreational drugs anally. To 'hoop' one's goodies.
I maximised a couple of pills a while ago and now I'm coming up like a bastard.

I maximised that special k but for all the good it did me I might as well have stuck it up my arse.
by KyralTim February 13, 2008
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The Goffyistic idea that practising M.M. can be overdone. In Goffyistic philosophical thought this is seen as one of the main ways to ruin your life, and is therefore also a sort of 'pseudo-sin'. In practise M.M. Maximisation is achieved when you go against the social-norms of your respective society for too long in the attempt to uphold M.M. Optimisation.
Jack: "This guy is M.M. Maximising"
John: "His excessive M.M. Maximisation has led him astray"
by JohnNielsen10101 November 8, 2022
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