In the gay community, it's an adjective used to describe a sexy guy, but not the feminine kind of guy, but a more masculine guy; one who you wouldn't identify as being gay if you saw him on the street.
1) If you see a hot guy, you say: "Woof!"

2) He's woofy!
by twg June 20, 2004
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verb: to declare something bad, ugly, terrible, or nasty.

interjection: use as an expletive to express disgust or surprise.

can be a replacement for damn that sucks!
"This jager bomb's gonna make me hurl."
by bevmo March 11, 2010
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basically the same as “oof” but cooler
woof i just spilt my venti iced coffee.
that sucks woof i need more coffee.
by thebestdotcom August 30, 2018
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word that is used to describe someone (usually a girl) who is ugly or unattractive
"buzz...your girlfriend... woof!" - kevin, from Home Alone
by headycheese April 11, 2006
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Coined by Dr.Perry Cox from the medical comedy show Scrubs, it is now used as an overall exclamatory remark towards anything deemed angering, sexy, cool etc.
(pretty woman kisses her male friend without warning; causes a long winded "oooooooh" from the audience)

Viewer: woof...
by Guido Sarducci April 2, 2008
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adj. To express utter dissapointment. To signify extreme dislike.
Wow, I have an exam today and forgot to study...woof.
by Paul Kazanjian October 31, 2005
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A word used to describe supreme ugliness, used in place of something like, "Gross!" or "Eww..." or any other childish word.
Bill: Omg, Bob, did you see that fat chick?
Bob: Yeah! Woof!
by Mr. Squakity September 28, 2004
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