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From the Itaian word "venti" meaning "twenty." A Starbuck's twenty ounce coffee drink is known as a venti.
"A venti latte, please."
by Doctor Len October 23, 2005
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A Starbonics word that means 20. Referring to the pint sized coffee flavored milk beverages they sell.
Ms Creosote: "I will have a quad venti non-fat latte with 8 shots of mocca, 4 shots of vanilla, all mixed up in a bucket, with a double serving of whipped cream on top."
Barista: "Would you like a wafer-thin mint with that order?"
by YouDon'tKnowWhoIAm? July 20, 2008
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A fictional word that starbucks created to call its largest size of coffee. For all anyone knows it could really mean "goose vomit" or "flatulent penguins"
"I'm going to order a large coffee that costs twice as much as any other large coffee, and feel good about it because calling it venti makes me look smart"
by Oni Ookami Alfador July 12, 2005
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Venti is a slang term recently coined in Florida alluding to twenty inch rims on an automobile, a twenty sack of middle or high-grade marijuana, or a U.S. twenty dollar bill.
Eh What you rollin' on? That's them new Venti's.

Ya got any dodo? Yeah, how much you want? Lemme get that Venti.

You got change for a hundred? Yeah whatch' you need? Lemme get Five Venti's.
by LilAkira627 October 03, 2009
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A wacked metrosexual. A narcassistic male. Not quite gay or hetro. Likes to play as a baby in bed. A real sicko that looks okay on the outside and has superficial charm, but probably has silicon breasts and lip liner in his pockets. Also can be a old fart who thinks he's a youngster. A fake. A con. An idiot with grandiose self-worth.
You see that dude with that skeet sheet, Sherri? She's sucking a venti right there.
Don't go out with that old fart! You'll end up swallowing a venti!
by victorian ghost July 22, 2006
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