A movie from 1990 in which Richard Gere plays a man in a legal but hurtful business who needs an escort for some social events, and hires a beautiful prostitute (Julia Roberts) he meets... only to fall in love.

The annoyingly sappy charisma between the two spawned the film Runaway Bride, which was more moronic than the first movie.
Donny - " Hey wanna go watch Pretty Woman on DVD, Richard Gere is in it? "
Walter - " No way man, in fact you are a douche-bag for asking me that. "
by mamcmm January 22, 2006
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To not kiss on the mouth at all when having sex. Named from the line in the movie "Pretty Woman" when Julia Roberts who plays a prostitute tells Richard Gere her only rule is that she doesn't kiss on the mouth.
Hey, let's do it pretty woman. I have a big week at work and can't afford to get sick.
by ripcityswagger September 12, 2010
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When you go to an expensive store dressed like a bum or prostitute and the staff refuses to serve you.
"I was pretty womaned on the Upper East Side when the guy from Bloomingdales directed me to the "cheap shoes" section."
by erikaaaaaaa November 24, 2013
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To pretty woman someone, to engage in sexual activities/intercourse without kissing the other person.

Taken from the film 'Pretty Woman' where a prostitute had sex with a man but kissing him is too personal.

Often used as a loophole for cheating
Woman 1: so did you have sex with him?
Woman 2: no, i told him i wouldn't as he has a girlfriend.
Woman 1: what did he say?
Woman 2: he said it wouldn't be cheating as long as we didn't kiss
Woman 1: Whoa! So he tried to pretty woman you?!
by Sam$13 April 17, 2018
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Having sex but with no kissing on the mouth, just like in the movie Pretty Woman where the hookers wouldn't kiss on the mouth.
She's got bad teeth. I'm gonna give her a pretty woman fuck.
by Jilina September 22, 2005
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The Pretty Woman Syndrome, which carries the accronym PWS, refers to an ailment afflicting men who fail in love with women from dysfunctional backgrounds or with personalities which render them emotional unavailable. This affliction is prevalent amongst "good guys" which are usually well off and believe they can "save" the target of their affection. In turn, the object of their interest, they believe, shall be eternally grateful and love them forever. PWS is the female equivalent of Florence Nightengale syndrome. Both are qualified as Jesus Complexes.
Chris went to a strip bar on Friday night and got 12 lap dances from Jessica, again. Its 2 weeks in a row. I think he's falling for her.
This is the second stripper he falls for. He really has a bad case of Pretty Woman Syndrome!
by giorgiodizante February 27, 2011
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