A sexy guy is someone who is male or someone who defines as a man/boy who is very good looking.
Mollie, "Ooooh He is sexy!"

Katie, "Yeah he is, he's a sexy guy."
by Mollie_A13_16.10.18 February 13, 2019
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A guy who is incredibly sexy... Like beyond anyone else in your phonebook
Tom Cole is a Very Sexy Guy
by Gnf2020 September 21, 2020
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A 6"0+ white male with a lean, athletic physique and a body count higher than 30, equipped with unbelievable levels of sex appeal towards females, who also suffers from debilitating mental illness. Though still able to procure attractive female partners, he is constantly in a state of internal anguish. Hence, he is a Sexy Guy with Problems (SGwP).
Jack: Dude, Dominic hasn't come out of his room in three days and he hasn't taken his medication for Bipolar 1 Rapid Cycle Disorder. But dude, last night he banged Kelsey, who is a straight dime piece and he pulls more pussy than anybody here. What's up with him?
Mick: Oh, you didn't know man? He's a Sexy Guy with Problems.
Jack: Ye.
by Master Panda36 July 10, 2023
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really tumblr famous guy. he has like 175843 followers. he also promotes and answers all your messages!
James "Have you heard of that really tumblr famous guy?"

Simon "Who? sexy british guy?"

James "Yeah, thats him!"
by askjord May 15, 2011
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