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Standing at 5'3" and weighing in just over 250+ lbs, he is considered the "best there is at what he does," which, of course, is fighting. Armed with animal keen senses (i.e.: hyper keen scent tracking, enhanced hearing and sight), an unbrakable, laced-with-adamantium skeleton, a set of razor-sharp claws, enhanced strength (due to the bodily adaptation to carrying all the extra weight provided by the metal in his body), and an enhanced healing factor, he is considered to be one of the deadliest mutants of the x-universe.
by Johnny SkunkaDu October 10, 2003
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1. (n) A man or woman who, whilst sexually petting a woman's vagina, inflicts sharp, agonizing pain or lesions; especially by way of unkempt fingernails.

2. (v) The act of shredding, mutilating, a vaginal cavity; especially by way of unkempt fingernails.
"Like I don't even get it! Ian just shredded the inside of my vagina. I was fingered by a wolverine!"

"Lost my clippers last week, so I wolverined that bitch like my name was Hugh Jackman."
by Jimbothechimney October 27, 2013
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Wolverine (a.k.a. Logan), a character from the Marvel collection of X-men comic books. Later portrayed by the very fine Hugh Jackman. He has adamantium claws and a little less than flattering sideburns.
The actor that plays Wolverine is hot.
by mkk August 15, 2006
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He thinks he's a hot shot because he has ademantium claws, and he won't stop macking on my girlfrend, Phoenix. I swear if I catch that son of a bitch with my girl again, I'll laser-fry his sorry ass so bad he'll have a hard time healing himself.

And by the way, his name is Logan.
That bastard still owes me for wrecking my car with his claws.
by Cyclops August 11, 2003
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An overused high-school sports team name.
Let's call our team the 'Wolverines'!!!
by Treg November 16, 2003
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1. The preeminent badass of the Marvel Universe. A 5'3" hair covered Canadian mutant, whose trade mark adamantium skeleton and razor sharp claws are the stuff of legend. He is so gnarly that he's spent the last century perpetually kicking ass in the early morning and taking names in the afternoon and coming back for supper to kick ass again.
Examples of his incredible bad assness


Wolverine: Rowra! (slash slash slash off screen)

Jean: Wolverine, what are you doing?

Wolverine: Tell Cyclops I made his jeep...a convertible.


Cyclops: We're going to save the Juggernauts sorry life. Don't bother telling me you don't like it.

Wolverine: *lets out claws* I don't like it.


Wolverine (to Sabretooth): "you always liked picking on people smaller than you! Well I'm smaller! Try picking ON ME RARARWA"


Wolverine: Cyclops I got something to say to you!

Cyclops: I don't wan-(punched in the gut)

Wolverine: Next time I won't be so nice.


Gambit: Ah! (scared by sentinel head)

Wolverine: Usually it takes a whole sentinel to scare most people.


Wolverine (to Sabretooth) "Grow that back"
(cuts off Sabretooth's balls)


Wolverine: Hey TIN MAN (to sentinel) I'm sending you back to OZ! *lets claws out*
by IamtheNight November 17, 2009
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"Wolverines" refers to the name of the football team, and later guerilla group on 'Red Dawn.' It is used sarcastically, often in conjunction with a mixture of exclamation points and 1's, to signify that an overly jingoistic, gun-loving nut on a forum is out of his mind. The term is also used to poke fun at guerilla masturbation fantasies.
Guy 1: OMG (issue of the day) happened! Let's all get into our 1980's, rusted pickup trucks with our deer rifles and play soldier in the woods.

by DashtheGreat June 20, 2009
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