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HA HA Yo Jada.. Any break in any Will Smith song
by Cyclops March 31, 2005
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Any music that is offensively loud with an excessive boom to it. Most generally played in a lac or Lincoln Clowncar rollin' roun' town wid a boomin system.
Son you are not a wigger, so please turn down that flatnose music.
by Cyclops March 30, 2005
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Compilation of potty mouthed, misogynistic or just plain made-up terms approaching humor, but more often just reveling in juvenile bad taste. Some of the 'definitions' are gross out funny, whilst others border on hate speech and defamation. A good example being "Donkey Punch", a supposedly funny epithet referring to sodomizing a female and punching her in the back of the head.
"Wow, Urban Dictionary sure is a sexist load of bad taste free-comedy standup gags"
by Cyclops July 6, 2015
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He thinks he's a hot shot because he has ademantium claws, and he won't stop macking on my girlfrend, Phoenix. I swear if I catch that son of a bitch with my girl again, I'll laser-fry his sorry ass so bad he'll have a hard time healing himself.

And by the way, his name is Logan.
That bastard still owes me for wrecking my car with his claws.
by Cyclops August 12, 2003
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