Mike said to Timmy, "Dude, i would never get with your wolverine mother"

"There aren't any cougars here, just a bunch of wolverines"

"I need a wingman. you take the wolverine"
by 4 Points October 24, 2009
an extreme tweaker, or someone who acts very sexual when high
jeez, have you seen that wolverine in dairy mart? that dude needs a fix
by boobinflator August 3, 2018
The unfortunate guy with metal claws destined not to ITCH his BALLS.
"look at the pic of jack hughman? Why he is screaming with claws wide open???"

"He is Wolverine, with hairy itchy balls, destined not to itch them"
by mark.robins210 April 26, 2012
A solitary, burrowing carnivorous mammal of northern forest regions, related to the weasel and having a heavyset body, short legs, dark fur, and a bushy tail. Also called carcajou, glutton, skunk bear.

Aka: A fat, ugly, lonely, ill-tempered, weasel.

Typically used to describe a fan of the University of Michigan
"God damn that girls ugly, she's even got a 'stache!"
"Yup, she's a Michigan Wolverine alright"
by ChadHennesTailBone September 28, 2005
A student or alum of the University of Michigan
After the wolverines overcame a 21 point deficit to win over Michigan State, you could hear the 107,501 wolverines screaming "It's great... to be... a Michigan Wolverine"
by Will Mendoza June 29, 2005
A chick with long sharp fingernails.

"I was banging that chick last night and just as I'm about to butter her popcorn, she starts raking the shit out of my back with her claws. I thought I was being attacked by a fucking wolverine."
by Camboni May 1, 2007
a term popular twitch streamer cobblecorn used to describe zombies in video games. referencing the spastic movements of a crack head
"damn just got blasted by another fuckin wolverine here"
by jackthabutcha August 3, 2018