I used to watch the X-Men cartoon but I especially love the character of the "WOLVERINE" character after watching the movie 'X-Men (Part II)', which describes about the Wolverine character of a weak mutant or person who has only the healing power but after some peoples does experiment on him and puts steel in his body he becomes a very strong mutant or person.
by Peter August 10, 2003
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While in the act of fisting a female, suddenly you spread open your hand and fingers and make the noise, "shvling" or however you think it sounds when Wolverine takes out his claws.
Sally screamed in pain when I decided to perform the Wolverine.
by Peter Woldman February 13, 2007
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Angry, hairy looking man that drinks in the Nelson
Wolverine was fighting in the Nelson car park again last night.
by pudding and pie August 6, 2003
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What you call a papi who looks like; a wolf in sheep's clothes.
Looks kinda innocent and shy on the outside, but is naughty and raunchy on the inside.
He's my sexy Wolverine
by papi lover September 21, 2004
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act: when fucking a girl from behind, the male reaches around and sticks his finger down her throat (like wolverine's blades) causing her to vomit and clench, heightening pleasure during orgasm.
i smashed a chick the other day and just when i was about to cum, i wolverined her.
by kipaction July 28, 2009
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When the girl has the guy bite off her clit and fingers her in the spot where it used to be.
To wolverine a girl is just about the worst thing you could do while eating her out.
by Infomative7thGrader May 19, 2009
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