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Similar to the shocker, this sexual maneuver consists of inserting 2 fingers into the vagina and 1 into the anus. What separates the claw from the shocker is the claw uses the middle finger and ring finger for the vagina and the thumb for the anus.
As she laid on her stomach on the bed, I sat next to her and gave her the claw until she cummed uncontrollably.
by Tenacious January 05, 2005
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To use the index and middle fingers to pull a thong out of a girl's pants.
"Dude, LaBrandon just clawed Natalie in front of everyone!"
"Man! I wish I could claw Natalie, she's hot!"
by Amaal Greenwood-Goodwin January 07, 2007
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Finger-banging a girl with a thumb in the butt and two fingers (index and middle) in the vagina. A sexual move similar to the shocker, but with an interesting twist. Make sure you go with one finger first and slowly work the second one in.
I just gave her the claw, she was feeling a little crabby.
by JoeyYanks3 August 22, 2010
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1. Bad guy w/ cat from Inspector Gadget.

2. Things that grow out of animals hands and feet to hurt you.
If I had claws I could slice a pizza with my hands. And then I could eat the pizza. It would be tasty.
by Eyeballflyball July 16, 2003
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Sharp, usually curved nails. Is made of keratin, which is found in skin and hair. Many carnivorous animals have claws that they use to kill prey. When people think of claws, most people think of cats due to their claws. Many fictional animals have claws too, such as dragons, chupacabras, and werewolves.
Me: Whoa, look at those claws!
You: Wow!! i mean, that chupacabra ripped that guy apart!
Me: Oh fu-
You: It's coming for us!!
You: Oh, wait, he's going for that cow.
Me:what a relief.
by Junkyard Squirrel July 29, 2010
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To cut the pubes around the penis.
"Oh, my boyfriend says giving me a blowjob is uncomfortable, I need to Claw."
"Oh, want to borrow my razor?"
by Jintzo September 03, 2012
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Fingernails and toenails that have not been trimmed for a long time, giving the appearance of "talons" or "claws" (not very pleasant to look at).
Jamal: (Dribbles basketball and goes for layup)

Drew: (Blocks basketball from getting in the hoop)

Jamal: (Gives the "time out" sign) "Dude you really should trim those claws of yours. You almost took my eye out."

Drew: "Shit, my bad. I'll clip them when we get home."

Jamal: "There's no need for that, I got one in my car, lucky for you."
by Red_Shaft July 20, 2017
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