The act of shave your pubes off, putting them in a jar and ejaculating onto a womans face, then pouring your man fur on her, giving the appearence of a wolverine.
Tom says: Last night i jizzed so much she looked like a werewolf it stuck!! I a pro at wolverining 3 weeks of pubes.

Tommy: YUmmmm, id hit that.
by Treysuyb May 1, 2009
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Whilst doing it Doggie and on the verge of climax, the male reaches under the female and tears out a handful of the female's pubic hair and in one rapid motion, spins her around and bricks on her face. Quickly and finally, he dusts her battered face with her pubes, rendering her with a hairy face and a very pissed off disposition, just like marvel comic character Wolverine. Note: Be ready for the fight of your life, she will probably go berzerk on you.
I wolverined that bitch right before she kicked me so hard she broke my nut.
by ehehehhhh April 29, 2011
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A group of kickass guerrillas in the movie "Red Dawn" (one played Charlie Sheen) and one adult (Patrick Swayze's only good role in any movie) who take on the Soviet army when they invade America.
Dude, the Wolverines just kicked those commies' asses! Michael Moore, you're next!
by Angry Jackal March 11, 2005
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to give one extreme hickeys, resulting in unnecessary severe bruising.
hey did you see jess and stephen at the party?
yeah, he totally wolverined her!!
by lalalalalala4e23432 May 6, 2010
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To fuck wildly, like a man-beast.
Man, I'm going to wolverine that chick tonight!
I totally wolverined that girl last night.
My girlfriend is begging me to wolverine her tonight.
by dangoomon March 20, 2010
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to insert three q-tips between ones fingers and proceed to use them as a comb.
I couldn't find a comb, so I had to wolverine it.
by keklord October 30, 2010
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To take three airplane sized bottles of liquor and put them between your fingers and pour all three into your mouth.
She wolverine'd six bottles of Goldschlager and has gold all over her face.
by pizzaparty3000 November 20, 2012
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