Happens after playing with yourself (aka whacking off) and not cleaning up properly with a tissue. After around 10 minutes your member becomes stuck to your underwear because of the excess semen excreted from your cock.
Dude, I had this awesome wank earlier, but 10 minutes later I had a willy dribble, now i need lubricant to get my boxers off.
by Rob & Queen April 3, 2005
something that dribbles from the willy,
e.g spunk or egg, beer
or lip gloss

insulting name for a dude who is a tosser

or a girl that sucks cock
he wanked and now hes got willy dribble

like hollie
by Elsa Bikkinibottom October 29, 2006
The last part of a beer. Usually does not taste as good or, at least, the same as, the beer. The beer must be completed, willy dribbles and all, if you are to retain any kind of reputation. You must also not shy away from referring to the willy dribbles by its name as this has almost the same effect on reputation as not drinking it.
"You aren't a man if you don't drink your willy dribbles."
by D3ADLY October 2, 2020
The process of not finishing off properly, and dribbling piss down one's leg, boxers or sometimes into the shoe, depending upon how relaxed one is. Condition worsens under the influence of alcohol.
"Jack mate, Ive dribbled ! No ! Willy dribble !"
by masterdribbler2 May 18, 2009
Water that comes of ones penis when he gets exited
Wow......that’s a lot of willy dribble
by SecsyBoiiiii June 16, 2018
dribble from a penis, cock, choad , dong ,shlong ,danger ,banger ,boomstick , puppetfucker ,titwanker
oh man i had rly bad willie dribble last night.
i had to wipe it with a tissue and then put bandages over it.
by pseudonym yourself September 4, 2009