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Hollie is a sexy brown hair girl. Who is really confident and has an amazing personality. She's really skinny and a small circle of friends. Hollie can always be trusted with others secrets. People may block her out but she always knows who her true friends are. Hollie always has friends around who will always support her. Hollie doesn't believe in herself at times. She can be depressed and not the best of people to hang around with when she's angry.
"Hollie your so funny!"

"You have an amazing personality!"

"Hollie your so pretty."
by Amanda Williams March 29, 2017
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Hollie is a very unique creature. She will do whatever it takes to make others happy even if it’s making a fool out of herself. Usually Hollies are dancers if your Hollie is then STAND BACK. Usually Hollies fall in love easily with one guy. This guy is usually a HUGE nerd but she will do whatever it takes to be with him. Hollies also loves her family. This Hollie is also beautiful and intelligent and smart even if she says she’s not.
Is that Hollie!!! She’s a great dancer
by Uwbsujsgsish March 03, 2019
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The best girl ever! She's amazing, beautiful (on the inside and outside) but doesn't see it. The best friend you could ever have. She's intelligent, but no snob about it. She listens, and adds her opinion and advice when you need it. She knows how to snap you back into reality, while letting you still dream big. She herself is a dreamer, and occasionally needs someone to snap her back into reality. She's loving and gentle. if she needs to be she'll act rude, but really doesn't like to. You'll always love a Hollie; she's trustworthy and perfect. Guys can't help but fall for her.
"That girl is soooooo perfect! So sweet, smart, beautiful; she's just perfect! What's her name, man?"

"That's Hollie."

"Oh, that makes more sense; she's a Hollie."
by Arya Lunasolistar March 31, 2012
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Hollie is a Hollie girl that has gorgeous blue corn silk eyes and a dangerously beautiful smile! She is sensitive on the inside yet tough as nails on the outside.

She's doesn't forgive easily and she holds a grudge for a long time but her heart is as big as Texas!

She's a good trusted friend and she's especially an EXCELLENT mom to her babies! She's a loving and dutiful granddaughter and she was the apple of her Mama's eye! She's kind of judgmental as a daughter in her older age and holds onto negative energy sometimes!

She precious and she's a definite Boss!
"Hey Hollie, let's play super Mario Cart for old times sake!"
by cheLLe1963 August 20, 2020
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The name Hollie means that you are not afraid to speak your mind and that no one can push you around. Your fierce to everyone but deep down you are good at heart. you hang around with both the boys and the girls and don't want to have a best friend. extremely smart and talented but are always second guessing yourself. you don't like the idea of make up and have an addictive personality and have skin as soft as silk.
There was once a little girl named Hollie who lived in Alabama
by My World January 11, 2015
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an extremely beautiful girl, who is wanted by all. she is stunning and friendly.
wow, that girls a real hollie! you got a good one there!
by MarcusMayhem March 23, 2008
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