the act of playing with your genital organs in order to get pleasure
If I see you playing with yourself I'll get all turned up.
by hazelkid September 18, 2006
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Play yourself for a fool. Actions or deeds which are in opposition to one's own self interests.
"Don't play yourself!" yelled Jamal as DeShawn went up for a slam dunk even though DeShawn is only 5'-4" and only has a 12" vertical.
by ElMariachi1 January 30, 2017
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Guy1: I'll have cereal
*pours milk in first, has no cereal*
DJ Khaled: Congratulations, you played yourself
by DJ Khaledius August 31, 2016
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To mess up badly... Also, the example (taken from an Among Us clip that I cannot link).
Impostor (when he finds out he got Impostor): Oh you guys are so dead!
Random Crewmate: Alright, we gettin' his ass out first.
Random Crewmate 3: Bro, you guys are so dumb... this is just a joke.
Impostor: I literally said this last game...
Random Crewmate 2: No he didn't.
Literally everyone: Get his ass out of here!
Me: Ya played yourself.
by Da Budder Man September 20, 2020
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