When a pornstar crys after achieving an orgasm on film because she feels guilty for what she does.
That poor girl had a whoregasm on film.
by Impala October 15, 2007
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An orgasm had by a woman from a sexual act deemed as "dirty", taboo or promiscuous, such as sex in public, sex with multiple partners, anal sex, DP, sex with an inanimate object, bestiality, necrophilia, sex with a stranger, BDSM, or a sexual affair, etc. This act may or may not be accompanied by a sense of shame often contributing to its increase in pleasure.
"Avery's hooked up with a married guy at every job she's had. She knows its wrong but she says she gets such a whoregasm from doing it."
by sotospeak October 30, 2009
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the intense orgasm had after doing something very slutty...
"I know I shouldn't have cheated on Ted...but I had such a whoregasm w/Rob..."


"I felt so slutty wearing that bondage outfit but WOW - what a whoregasm!"
by kellybex September 1, 2009
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When a prostitute fakes orgasm to make you feel like a real man.
Man, that bitch came like a canon!
Dude that was a whoregasm, it was just to make you feel like you achieved something.
by Oilymarc November 14, 2016
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Extreme happiness over a topic that XXX worthy.
"I just saw Fast 6 and whoregasmed."
"What's that?"
"Made me so happy I couldve made the world look like the Day After Tomorrow."
by Schawlein November 7, 2013
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A faked orgasm made by a whore just to please her partner.
Guy who slept with whore: OMG, I just gave this girl an orgasm last night!
Other guy: Dude, she's a whore, it was just a whoregasm.
by Splunge May 23, 2005
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